Petco produces high quality preforms using the latest technologies competitively with European and Gulf products.

PETCO produces a wide variety of PET bottles and jars using the latest stretch blow-mold machines. We manufacture a wide range of products with volumes ranging from 50 cc to 15 liters.

PETCO has a strong commitment to outstanding quality and uses to that effect the most advanced PET processing techniques.


Petco produces a wide range of special molds for individual clients who seek a specific design for their bottles in meeting their marketing strategy. 


Petco manufactures a wide range of generic molds, which can be used for various products such as containers and wide mouth jars. Petco's generic mold clients include 18 edible oil companies. Petco also offers bottles in different sizes. 


PETCO manufactures a variety of bottles for detergents (excellent clarity and spill proof), shampoo (oxygen barrier and superior clarity), chemicals (PET containers offer excellent properties like O2 barrier suitable for pesticides, herbicides and others), alcoholic beverages (PET for clear, light weight and easy to handle bottles), and cosmetic and medical bottles.