At PETCO we use the latest technologies available for preform injection. We are constantly updating our processes and evaluating our operation for improvement.


PETCO believes it makes plastic products for a better environment.

We endeavor to recycle most of our waste, while developing high quality products that, amongst available plastic containers, have the least impact on the environment.

While the environment has not yet reached the social psyche in Lebanon and the region, we have, at PETCO been committed to work with our customers, industry associations and recycling authorities to provide leadership and spearhead programs in the area of PET recycling.

PETCO is ISO 9001:2020 and ISO 22000 certified.


It is the policy of Petco s.a.l. to supply its customers with products that conform to stated or agreed on specifications. Petco s.a.l. shall always endeavor to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

  • Finishing Evaluation
  • Perform / Bottle Weight
  • AA Content
  • Resin Moisture Content
  • Melt Viscosity
  • IV Measurement
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 22000 Certified